Winter 2023: January Shenanigans

Welcome back everyone to McGill Naginata in Winter 2023!

This new year starting off strong with a naginata club gift exchange: every participating member is assigned to an anonymous secret santa and must guess who their gifter is. But beware, they only have three tries, so choose wisely.

Soon after school starts, the W23 Activities Night! What a great opportunity it is to meet all of McGill in-person and introduce our club.

And after Activities Night comes our open practice. It’s always exciting to see our new members wield a Naginata for the very first time. A warm welcome to all our new and returning members!

Thanks for attending and see you at practice!


Fall 2022 Shinjin Taikai

Saturday, October 8th: The beginner-intermediate McGill naginatakas compete against each other at our first Fall 2022 Taikai!
Check out our highlights from the event.

Congratulations to our winners in both shiai (sparring) and engi (performance) categories:

  • 1rst place winner for shiai: Audrey Sassi
  • 1rst place winners for engi: Joy Meng and Audrey Sassi

Thank you to all our competitors, judges, and spectators for attending and helping out!

Welcome back! First Fall 2022 practice

A hearty welcome to everyone who joined practice this Wednesday the 7th!

As the new Fall 2022 semester begins, the McGill Student’s Naginata Club opens its doors to all McGillians interested in naginata, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. We will keep holding practices every:

  • Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

**Exception on Saturday September 24, 2022. See our schedule for more info.

Come check us out!

McGill Naginata at Toronto Gasshuku 2022

What a weekend! On May 26th, McGill Naginata departs Montreal to join the 2022 Student’s Gasshuku at Toronto hosted by Tomas Paolo Almonte. And what follows is three days and two nights of fun, intense grueling training, and more fun!

Car crew and bus crew, on the day before:

On May 27th, McGill naginatakas meet Toronto naginatakas! Some meeting for the first time, others meeting again after a long time. Henceforth begins the Gasshuku…

Warmup and stretching

Training together

Cooking together

Eating and living together

Balloon mock shiai. Chaos ensues. (fun chaos!)

Hasso train challenge: ToGillDia vs SamTram vs GFP

Night challenge! Don’t underestimate a newspaper

Training together, cooking together, eating together, living together, and helping each other: this is an experience that has cemented the bonds between the members of the Toronto and Montreal naginata community. From this has sprouted improvement from everyone, as well as friendships, laughter, and undoubtedly many calluses.
A big thank you to the UofT Naginata Club for having us! And lots of appreciation for everyone at McGill, Toronto, and Concordia who participated in the event!

Until next time~