March Updates

The MNC is now well into it’s first semester, so plans for the end-of-semester practice are well under way. The 3rd week in April will be our final practice of the Winter semester (officially). However, that doesn’t mean practice stops! We have now secured our bookings for the summer semester so please check the times and dates listed.

Note that we’ll have two practices in the Studio instead of the Aerobics room (May 14th, and June 22nd), but that all other practices will now be in the Aerobics room itself. And thank goodness we’re not going to be in the fiery hell of Gym 2 during the summer…

Practice days have changed from Tuesdays to Wednesdays, and as the gym closes at 9pm, practice will finish at 8:30pm during the summer, which means (!!!) more time for beers! 😉

Saturdays will continue as usual.

Stay tuned for news of outdoor practices at times/days in addition to normal practice too 😀


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